T’s & C’s

Lesson scheduling

Students are expected to attend a lesson every week during term times (a total of 40 lessons per year).
Recommended length of lesson is as follows:

Beginner – Grade 2: 30 minutes
Grade 3 – Grade 4: 45 min
Grade 5 & above: 60 min

Musicianship lessons:

It is recommended that all players above 2nd grade level attend musicianship classes weekly
NOTE: Please be on time! Lessons will not be extended to accommodate lateness.

Payment and cancellation

Payment Policy
An invoice for fees for the entire term will be issued at the end of the preceding term and payment is due prior to the first scheduled lesson of the term. Payment options for the invoice are as follows:

Payment in one lump sum at the start of term by cheque, cash, or by direct transfer to the bank account nominated on the invoice
Payment by half term installments. The first installment will fall due at the start of term and the second installment will fall due at the halfway point for that particular term.

Fees and charges are subject to change at any point without notice

Missed Lesson policy

By enrolling for music lessons you are reserving a set time slot. Your lesson fees for the term reserve your, or your child’s, regular time for lessons, regardless of whether you choose to attend or miss that scheduled lesson. Fees are charged according to the payment policy.

The studio shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student’s absence(s). Lesson rates are flat fees, and shall not be lowered nor refunded for missed lessons. In the event that a lesson is cancelled by the studio, it will be rescheduled as a ‘make up’ lesson at the studios convenience.

Discontinuation of Lessons

If at any time a student or parent wishes to discontinue lessons, notice must be given at least 2 weeks prior to the end of term. Please note that the studio will not refund any balance of fees for the term due to discontinuation of lessons.


Parent/ Guardian Responsibilities for students under 18 years of age Parents are expected to provide an instrument in the best possible condition. If maintenance is required on the instrument, this should be done as soon as possible. The student’s attendance at all scheduled lessons is necessary for continued progress, and parents must arrange their schedules accordingly to ensure the student arrives on time for each lesson.

While it is the student’s responsibility to practice regularly, you, as parents or guardians can help by providing a distraction-free time and place for the student’s daily practice, and by occasionally checking assignments and listening while your child plays for you.

Student Responsibilities

The student should arrive at each lesson on time, well prepared, and with all the necessary materials. He/she must schedule, when at all possible, daily practice without distractions.