“I really like that you play several instruments – you have a broad perspective of music in general and the relative potentials and limitations of different instruments. For example the physical nature of sax playing vs the dual nature of piano playing.

I also want to say that I really like how you are able to understand how different students can learn music from both a traditional, formal method or a more intuitive perspective. I’m glad you’re my teacher!” 


“He just loves coming to lessons. Thank you for all the encouragement you give him, it gives him so much confidence. I truly thought band would only last 1 term, but he loves it. So happy.”


My ‘little one’ (now 6ft 1) has been going to Semitone for a few years now, first with sax, now with piano. The team take care of him, slap him around when needed (figuratively), and are very flexible and undestanding. I do believe, they are also bang up music teachers! (bonus) Thanks Deb and the gang. Our lives are better with you in it!

– Cate

Semitone music has been fantastic for my son. He has learnt so much and has been encouraged every step of the way. He is now in 3 school bands and just loves playing his saxophone.

– Jacqueline

Deb and her team have been tutoring my son for the last couple of years. Deb makes it fun and tries to pair the right tutor for him to get the most out of Joel and his learning. Deb is always very responsive and will work with you and your child if needed. I would not hesitate in recommending her to other students.

– Jenny

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