Exam Information

The AMEB ( Australian Music Examination Board) run exams twice a year. At the beginning of term 2 and the beginning of term 3 roughly.

Each instrument has specific exam requirements which differ from grade to grade. You do not have to do the exams sequentially- you can jump in at any point ie grade 2 or 5 etc. Exams require an extra level of commitment and there are costs as well as time involved. To properly prepare 30 mins a day 5 days a week in addition to lessons & band rehearsal is recommended

Each exam level will cost different amounts, but as a guide you will need to pay for:

-Technical work book  ( this covers all grades so is a good one time investment)
-Exam song book  (changes with each year)
-Exam fees  ( each grade is a different cost)
-Accompanist ( $$ varies from accompanist to accompanist ) you will need to pay for travel & practices with the accompanist. This is arranged by students not the teacher.-Extra lessons – leading up to the exam some extra lessons will be required to ensure all material is covered & the best possible result is achieved.

AMEB exams are a good marker for schools & or teachers as they are a set standard of work & can be useful for selective or private school applications.

Musicians that need a goal & a date to work to can benefit from exams. Exams aren’t for everyone. Every student progresses at their own pace. I introduce and work to AMEB markers with each student when appropriate. Please contact me if you would like your child to prepare & sit for an AMEB exam.