About Semitone Music

At Semitone music we provide personal one on one and small group music tuition. We specialise in woodwind and piano.

We offer tuition in the following:

  • Piano
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Music theory and sight singing
  • and Ameb/Trinity/ABRSM exam preparation classes.
Piano Keyboard

Semitone Music is a Creative Kids provider! You can use your vouchers for lessons – even online lessons. If you haven’t already, be sure to apply for your creative kids voucher.

How we Teach

Our lessons are structured to ensure the best quality education. We know that learning isn’t an environment where one size fits all, so every lesson is personalised to address the student’s needs. We also know that not everyone learns in the same way or wants  to achieve the same things with their music. As such, all of our teachers are adaptable and flexible so they can teach your child in the best way possible

Lessons occur each week during the NSW school terms, for a total of 40 weeks.

We pride ourselves on our interpersonal relationships with both the students and their families. Our studio provides a professional but homely atmosphere to encourage the best from all our musicians.

The Principal, Deb Muir, monitors the standards of all lessons. If you have any questions or concerns please address these to her at deb@semitonemusic.com.au.


Why music?

Music provides us all such amazing experiences. It is a fun and fulfilling experience helps build and strengthen our brains particularly our memory. Music involves both left and right sides of the brain It’s a rewarding endeavour.